We specialize in taking the art of security assessments to a new level.
In a world where anybody can call themselves a "penetration tester" or "ethical hacker",
we pride ourselves on discovering vulnerabilities while other companies will come up empty



Include Security successfully works for companies large and small in the following fields:

  • B2B Technologies
  • B2C Technologies
  • Social Networks
  • Streaming Services
  • Consumer Hardware
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Independent Software Vendors

How We Work

  • Before the Assessment

    Include Security will take the time to work with you to identify your security goals and present a custom plan to meet them. Specializing in cost-effective source assisted security assessments, Include Security is focused on maximizing security assurance while keeping an eye on the budget.

    While other companies scope in pre-defined small, medium, and large application boxes, Include Security will work with your team to right size the assessment based on the most important variables – codebase size, language, attack surface area, and your security assurance requirements.

  • Assessment Process

    Your assessment will be led by one of Include Security’s highly qualified Technical Project Managers as your primary point of contact, ensuring a smooth assessment and giving the security researchers everything they need to hit the ground running and utilize every minute hunting down vulnerabilities.

    Our assessments are staffed based on area of expertise, not geography or availability, and everyone on our team has at least five years of application hacking experience.

  • Assessment Conclusion

    Upon completion of the testing phase of the assessment, Include Security will QA the report and deliver the Technical Report with findings prioritized by risk, specific steps to reproduce those findings, and recommended remediation with a target of a week after the assessment conclusion to keep your deals and compliance projects on track.

    Further, Include Security will walk through the report issue by issue with your team to ensure all vulnerabilities are fully understood and can be remediated as quickly as possible.



At Include Security we put our Clients and Employees first and foremost. If you’re in North America, South America, or the EU then please reach out, we’d love to hear from you. Here are some of the perks of being a team member at our company:

  • Interesting projects
  • Remote work
  • Near zero travel
  • Time for R&D
  • Competitive salaries
  • Great benefits
  • Training and conferences
  • Steady supply of bad jokes (wait this is a perk?)
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